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Fits all 1970-1998 Porsche 911 / 912E / 914

Function and beauty are inseparable. It all starts with a key. It is the first connection of the next great drive. ​Porsche’s air-cooled sports cars evoke passion and so should the keys that start them.

The Flat Six key was designed to not change the factory key but externalize its form and history. The shape is that of a well-worn and timeless design. The machined lines evoke the tactile engagement of man and machine. The center of mass is designed for the perfect balance in hand.

In a world where everything is spinning so fast, my Porsche is that one place where time slows down and it is just me with the open road ahead.

The Flat Six Key celebrates the little things that matter.

Made from the same 303 Stainless Steel that Porsche uses in their modern factory keys, the Flat Six Key is CNC machined out of a solid block of metal. Steel is harder and longer lasting than the original factory brass keys from Porsche. Between the solid metal design and the strong 303 stainless steel the Flat Six Key is truly your forever key.

Getting Your Flat Six Key Cut:

All Flat Six Keys are required to be cut by a quality Locksmith with a working factory key. We recommend bringing your Porsche with you to have the key cut. This way the key can be tested in the ignition and doors.

Tip for finding a Locksmith: Call your local Porsche dealer to find out where they get keys cut for their customers.